All we ask is your signature, but if you can get more, great!

This is a link to Initiative Petition L (PDF 122KB)

Here is a link to information on gathering signatures for an Initiative Petition.

Please see pages 17-20 for detailed information.

Please print both pages of the petition, front and back on a single piece of letter size (8.5x11) with your printer set to "actual size" or "no margins". It MUST be printed double sided and sides must be right side up!

Please note that we suggest only using black or blue ballpoint pens to avoid bleed through the paper.

Do not alter the petition.

Registered voters from only one city or town can sign a single petition form. You may only use one city or town per sheet. Printing multiple copies of the petition is strongly suggested.

Do not make any extraneous marks on it. Do not leave any stray marks or coffee stains on the paper. Any stray mark or stain can disqualify the entire sheet.

The deadline to submit this petition to the local election official at the city of town where the signatures are from is no later than Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

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